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Reclaimed End Grain Wood Block Flooring by Kaswell Flooring .

Douglas Fir (softwood) is a popular choice for End-Grain Block Flooring. Fir Blocks are produced from lumber grown on the west coast, from Oregon and Washington. This specie is known for its warm, subtle appearance. Fir takes stain extremely well, in fact, manipulating the color of a Fir block floor is quite common.

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A Guide to End-Grain Flooring - DIY - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

You don’t necessarily have to purchase reclaimed end-grain tiles to have a wood-block floor; you can make your own. Use a bandsaw to cut inch-thick slices from a 2x6 or other piece of reclaimed.

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Reclaimed English Oak Herringbone Panels & Parquet Flooring .

We love reclaimed English oak herringbone, it’s such a gorgeous floor that never falls out of style. We only purchase reclaimed blocks flooring of the highest quality in big quantities, this is important because there is an abundance of reclaimed parquet blocks on the market that are impossible to fit.

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Parquet Parquet | Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Suppliers

Parquet Parquet suppliers of quality reclaimed parquet flooring carrying the largest range of timber species available in the UK - call or email to enquire [email protected] | 01507 313 470

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History of Wood Block Flooring - Kaswell

Wood Blocks for Exterior Application: “A special substance” The basic theory of Wood Block Flooring is centuries old. The ancients used the end grain of logs as “chopping blocks” because the tough end grain surface could withstand the pounding of hammers without splintering. End Grain blocks were once used out of doors as street pavers.

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Industrial End Grain Wood Block Flooring - Jennison Wright Co.

Saves Energy - End Grain Wood Block flooring provides additional insulation; saves 10% to 15% of annual energy costs. Controls Vibration and Noise - End Grain Wood Block Flooring defuses vibration and absorbs five times more noise than cementitious floors.

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