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Foundation Drainage - Using Drain Pipe & Dimple Boards - The .

Drainage boards cover the foundation from the ground level to the top of the footing. Cosella Dorken Products. Different versions of this type of product have filter fabric attached to the dimpled side which is then installed away from the wall and forms the route for water to flow down to the drain.

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How To Install A Footing Drain |

Cut holes in the 18 inch PVC pipe and attach two T adapters on each end. Install the top portion of the PVC pipe near the bottom of a window and the other end at the bottom of the footing. Attach the drain tile to the T adapter on one end of the PVC and wrap it around the foundation in one continuous line.

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Below-Grade Residential Drainage Boards & Footing Drains .

Regardless of what type of drainage board you use, once the water reaches the bottom of the foundation wall a footing drain—sometimes called drain tile—must be installed to move the water away from the structure. “Ideally, the drain tile should be installed at the top of the footing,” says Steve Gross, director of marketing at CertainTeed.

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How to Install a Foundation Drain - GreenBuildingAdvisor

A dimpled drainage mat can be placed over the waterproofing to protect the membrane and allow water to fall to the footer drain placed on top of the footer. The second part of the equation is to put foamboard underneath the slab and on top of the interior of the footer, as shown in the attached diagram from Building Science.

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Foundation Drains - Footing Drains, installation details

A footing drain, that is an exterior foundation drainage system placed outside the foundation wall near the wall footing, at the level we show, covered with gravel, and if the footing drain going to do anything, it is piped to daylight or to a catch basin that is in turn pumped to daylight or to a storm drain.

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J-DRain INSTALLATION GUIDELINES Collection and Discharge Unroll and install J-DRain SWD-6 OR 12 along footing and attach to wall covering weep holes for uniform collection and discharge to weep holes. J-DRain Panels are installed above the J-DRain SWD Collection System as shown in detail.

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